Gonzalo Zulueta CEO of Zulueta Apparel

About Us

Zulueta Apparel is a versatile Eco-Friendly streetwear and bikini brand based in Miami, FL. Gonzalo Zulueta, the CEO and Founder of Zulueta Apparel has positioned the brand in Miami Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week's hottest shows making multiple headlines.

Zulueta Apparel takes pride in being an eco-friendly brand using only organic materials such as: Bamboo, Organic Cotton and Organic Hemp for our products. 

At Zulueta we not only produce our own clothing, we also manufacture for global companies, international tennis academies, school uniforms and many others.

Gonzalo Zulueta is Spanish American born and raised in Miami, FL. His family emigrated to the United States of America from Spain. Gonzalo has lived in many metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles, Mexico City and Miami where he has exponentially built a strong network with professionals in the industry. While he lived in Los Angeles to pursue his acting career, he attended FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) with his Right Hand Designer and best friend Crista Negrete. Here he learned basic skill of Fashion Merchandising and Negrete helped him bring his vision to life with great advising. After leaving Los Angeles he moved back to Miami to finish his Bachelors Degree in Organizational Communication and Marketing at Florida International University. Zulueta also lived in Mexico City for some time which also inspired his triangle themed logo due to the Aztec Pyramids and culture.

Zulueta is constantly exploring avenues to bring innovative products and designs to his store front and is determined to globalize his brand. He is a big believer of philanthropic work and his dream is to open centers for children in Africa and Asia. He believes that with the help of his consumers and through his art and entrepreneurial skills he can truly make a difference in the world. 

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